Program Information

Our Mission & Philosphy

At Creative Caterpillars Early Learning Nursery, our objectives are to cultivate a child’s potential to take initiative, and to allow the child to assert independence while developing inner discipline. Our curriculum nurtures a child’s natural ability to create, learn, and grow through observations, discovery and interactions with the world in which we live.

At Creative Caterpillars Early Learning Nursery, we believe that children learn through play. Our staff strive to develop a stimulating atmosphere in which children are free to explore and learn at their own pace. The role of supportive, positive relationships cannot be over-emphasized in its importance of promoting healthy development of each child. We know how critical the early years in a child’s development are, and understand that experiences in the first years of each child’s life have a lifetime impact on whom they will become as adults.

Involving family is another priority of Creative Caterpillars. We would like to consider ourselves an extension of each child’s family, developing a partnership where sharing support, ideas and genuine love is of the utmost importance. We encourage parents to visit and participate in our daily activities.

Enrollment Information


To assess quality within each classroom, we use the Infant and Toddler Environmental Rating Scales (ITERS). ITERS (“Infant Toddler”) checklists are used to evaluate best practices around the physical environment, basic care, curriculum, interactions, schedule and program structure, and parent and staff education. Bimonthly checklists are used to ensure consistent quality within our classrooms.

We invite you to explore our site and discover what Creative Caterpillars Early Learning Nursery provides to each and every . Get in touch with us today to schedule a tour, learn more about enrollment, or ask any other questions.


Group Circle

Each day begins in a whole group circle to set the learning intention for the day. Throughout the day, toddlers reconvene as a whole group to practice and learn skills, interact with peers and educators, and reestablish focus.

Small Groups

Small groups support the personalized care that toddlers need to encourage peaceful interactions, the freedom and safety to investigate, and the development of empathetic relationships. 

Play, Play, Play!

At Creative Caterpillars, we deeply cherish play-based learning through playful interactions amongst peers, with teachers, and in independent settings. With open-ended materials, children are encouraged to explore, create, and question a variety of learning topics as they freely and imaginatively investigate the world around them. 

Self-Help Skills

As toddlers grow, they gain a more profound sense of independence and confidence in their abilities. New skills may include hand-washing, teeth brushing, self-feeding, mobility, fine motor coordination, and toilet training.

Indoor/Outdoor Gross Motor Play

We offer dedicated indoor & outdoor play space for toddlers to shake their sillies out and expend some of that seemingly limitless energy. Educators are encouraged to use outdoor space for playtime and lesson enhancements. Weather-permitting, classrooms spend ample time outdoors enjoying the fresh air year-round.


After lunch, a designated nap time helps children calm their bodies and rejuvenate.